This annual event hasn’t taken a break since the inception of the modern Harrisburg Senators in 1987. Organized by what is now officially the Harrisburg Senators Fan Club non-profit corporation, Welcome Back Senators Night literally introduces the newly formed team fresh from Viera, Florida.

This is where the team is formally introduced for the very first time — the precursor to a brand new season of Eastern League baseball on City Island.

This is where local baseball fans enjoy dining with a professional baseball player or coach.

This is where (in recent years), Anthony Rendon laughed and answered questions from members of a local Little League team.

This is where Stephen Strasburg’s entrance forced an orderly strategy for attendees to meet the young San Diego State star pitcher up close.

This is where autographs, photos, handshakes and hugs are graciously given and accepted.

This is where 28 years of memories are made, whether with returning Senators coaches and players or newly assigned talent visiting their new home for the first time.

Ah, “home”. As former Harrisburg mayor Stephen R. Reed aptly reminds the team each year, this is where those new to this assignment learn that they are not only welcome here now, but whenever they may return to the Harrisburg area.

And he means it. And the hospitable attendees and Senators front office staff mean it.

If you enjoy following young folks as they refine their craft toward a lofty goal such as a career as Major League Baseball players, this is where you can become involved in that process and even become a part of their support system.

This is where you’ll want to be Tuesday, April 7th: Welcome Back Senators Night. Meet-and-greet with hors d’oeuvres begins at 6 PM at the West Shore Elks Lodge #2257 at 108 North Saint Johns Church Road, Camp Hill. Dinner at 7 with a player or coach at every table. The program follows, including Manager Brian Daubach introducing the 2015 Harrisburg Senators.

Reservations for this special evening are just $29.50 each; children 12-and-under, only $12.50. Please contact Fan Club VP, Jeanne Jacobs to learn more: 717-774-2730 or email

Brian Williams, President