Nothing personal against Chien-Ming Wang, but weren’t nine starts, a 1-5 record and an ERA north of 6.70 in Harrisburg enough for us to endure this season? I was more than a little disappointed when I read this morning that Davey Johnson plans to start Wang on Sunday, when the Senators Fan Club makes its annual trek to Nationals Park for the final regular season home Sunday game.

On another note, isn’t it fun to have to qualify “regular season” for the Nats? Kudos to this team for remaining focused and never giving up as long as there are outs to be recorded.

The Nats have officially been fun to watch in 2012. They’d displayed flashes since their move south of the Canadian border, but this consistency truly makes it fun.

I just hope the miscalculation regarding Mr. Strasburg doesn’t haunt them in the post-season. A five-inning pitch limit and extra day of rest following the All-Star Break would have easily allowed Davey to preserve his laser-tossing weapon for October.

The pen is certainly strong enough to have withstood an additional inning here and there. And Craig Stammen deserved to get the ball for an occasional spot start down the stretch.

Overall, I look forward to Sunday in DC and how this weekend develops against a hot Milwaukee club. There’s still a division and home field advantage to clinch!

From Deep Short