Wasn’t last night simply amazing? Tim Foreman, Brandon Forsburg and their team did a fantastic job on the surface. When I attended Fan Fest, I couldn’t believe how incredible the field looks. I doff my blue Senators cap to those magicians and their crew.

The home opener didn’t result in a victory, but it felt victorious all the same. I know we occasionally see each other during the off-season, but the ballpark made last night’s conversations even more special.

Even the weather cooperated. No wind, and just an early spring nip in the air. Not the night chill and cold breeze I’d expected.

May pitched a great game for Reading. At first, he disrupted hitters’ timing. Later in the game, the Sens hit a few on the screws, but right at fielders’ gloves.

Now we look forward to our first TGIF of the season. Wishing you nine innings of flatscreens luck on Friday the 13th!