Do you get the same feeling I do? The entire off-season for me becomes a vast, dark, cold baseball vacuum.

Not that I don’t attempt to treasure every moment of every day, but when baseball season ends, something happens to me. I no longer have daily radio and TV broadcasts or box scores to follow. Instead of looking forward to seeing you at the ballpark, I face piles (and piles) of dead leaves and prepping the snow blower. (At least that wasn’t as necessary this past winter.)

Fan Club meetings and hot stove chatter keep my blood flowing through the long winter wasteland. I talk to Terry Love, whose tenure as a Senators vendor is now also of legal age to enjoy an adult beverage at Metro Bank Park.

“T Love,” as he’s affectionately, known, will be hawking beer throughout the stands for his 21st year beginning tonight. Throughout the off-season, I can call and ask T Love at any time of day or night, “How long until the home opener?”

Without skipping a beat, no matter what he may have been doing, Terry will respond with the exact number of days, hours and minutes until first pitch. I’m always amazed, but sometimes his answer seems so long and so far away. But not today.

Bundle up. We’ll see you at the ballpark in less than 11 hours and 42 minutes!