There was something special about last evening’s Harrisburg Senators Fan Club meeting. Beyond our green attire and the sold-out corned beef and cabbage dinner special (must have really been tasty!), I sensed a renewed energy throughout the room.

Random reasons for this unknown force have been passing through my mind on this day after:
First and foremost, I believe our loyal and always cheerful friend, Nancy Tacchi, was watching over us. I noticed that Mary, Ida, the Bobs and their entire table honored Nancy’s memory with one empty chair and a St. Patrick’s Day hat. We celebrated Nancy’s time with us with a moment of silence and a unanimous decision to donate to the cause of preventing and curing diabetes in her name.
I believe the Fan Club is excited over local ownership taking majority control of the Harrisburg Senators and the leadership of Mark Butler.
I believe the continued dedication of Past-President Barry Fealtman moves our organization forward on many fronts.
I believe Jon Boles’ Senators’ promotional season preview spoke to each of us as fans eager to hurry through this final blustery stretch toward Opening Night. The Director of Ticket Sales had us almost tasting the new baseball season that lies before us.

Jon Boles addresses the Fan Club
I believe our ability to talk about actual baseball events, like former Senator Tyler Moore’s torrid spring at the plate, added to the energy.
I believe the overwhelming interest in an early-season bus trip to see the Nationals contributed. (More on this in a separate message to follow.)
I believe that even the silly, over-sized green hat that Carl Fritz bestowed on me at the start of the meeting added to our celebration of baseball’s return. (All photos of this crowning have been destroyed.)
If you were unable to attend our fun evening, you’re welcome to attend our next gathering. Make reservations for our annual Welcome Back Senators Night on Tuesday, April 7th. Please call Fan Club Vice-President Jeanne Jacobs (717-774-2730) for details. Everyone has dinner with a Senators player or coach at the same table and gets to welcome the entire team to our area as Manager Brian Daubach formally introduces each one.
Also, mark your calendar for our next business meeting Tuesday, May 5th at the New Cumberland American Legion Post #143 on Market Street. Our guest speaker will be baseball historian, Ted Knorr. Ted will make a case for Pennsylvania’s best ever year of baseball.
The energy is quite evident to me. Can you feel it?
Brian Williams, President
From Deep Short