The Fan Club has traditionally taken a bus to the Nationals’ final home Sunday game each season. Sunday the 23rd matches the Brewers and Nats in pennant race baseball.

Here are some random thoughts from a terrific day with all of you:

Even if he wouldn’t care to drive for us at some point, I hope Art Mattingly considers joining us as a fan on our Fan Club excursions … Wang again? Really? … What a beautiful, sun-drenched September afternoon for meaningful baseball … Yovani Gallardo pitches well, but doesn’t hang around long enough for the W … Joan Prediger’s blueberry muffins go great with coffee … We are part of the 33,111 … Teddy loses the Presidents’ Race yet again … The Red Porch offers a good view of the strike zone … The BBQ tent behind centerfield grills a tempting, juicy burger over charcoal; reminds me of the irresistable aroma from our old ballpark … Ian Desmond steals his 19th base; Ian also goes 2-2 coaxing a pair of walks — all this while Barb Thomas wears Ian’s red jersey … The Nats are out-hit, 15-7, but hit some hard atom balls … Nice of Susan Perry, usher near the Nats’ dugout, to visit with us during the game; she and Barb have become fast friends at Spring Training … Eury Perez pinch runs a day before he collects his first major league hit … The buffet between Catoctin and Waynesboro on the way home tops off a satisfying day … I love this tradition!

From Deep Short