I’m thrilled for Anthony Rendon and his first taste of the bigs. What little time I’ve spent around the young man results in a very high opinion – and I’m not just talking baseball skills.

At our annual Senators Welcome Back dinner, Anthony and Sean Nicol were seated with one of our Little League teams. Both took the experience in stride and even enjoyed conversing with the young ballplayers, who were thrilled to interact with professionals. A fun, memorable time was had by all.

Although I’m not quite finished enjoying his on-field skills at Metro Bank Park, I wish Anthony the very best. Of course, I wasn’t ready to let go of Ryan Zimmerman when he left City Island after a few short weeks either, but that’s the way of it. That’s also why we need to truly appreciate the time we have while these players demonstrate why the club thinks so highly of them.

In fact, both thirdbasemen have followed a similar path when it comes to the DL. Both have the skills to project high ceilings at the top level. (Ryan has already proven he’s worthy; Anthony showed his mettle during spring training.)

Both are also outstanding young men. Here’s to their health, so we can continue to enjoy both players’ talents at any level.

“From Deep Short”