Happy 2015!

As I recycle the 2014 New Britain Rock Cats calendar in my office and exchange it for a fresh 2015 series of months, I feel anticipation growing. That means we’re one hurdle closer to a new baseball season.

Even as a youth, I anticipated the first day of practice as much as Christmas. We didn’t play many organized games in those days, but I savored every one.

I still feel most alive when I’m at the ballpark. The expanse of green. The span of the base paths. The crisp sound of wood meeting ball.

So how do I spend New Year’s morning? Posting the Fan Club calendar to our blog site:
Please check back often since our schedule is fluid and subject to change. Better yet, join us for our first Fan Club meeting of the new year. (You’ll find details at the link above.) Bring a friend. And don’t forget to bring your annual dues – still just $5 per person and $15 per family.

I also want to thank you for your vote of confidence during October’s elections. Thank you for your patience when my business travel interferes with our scheduled events, as it did for that meeting. One of my resolutions is to continue to grow into the role as your elected president.

As you’ll notice on our updated Events page, only 97 days until our traditional Welcome Back Senators evening! That alone makes 2015 look brighter already.

Brian Williams
“From Deep Short”