How many ways can I say “Thank you”? Let us count the ways ….

As soon as Barb and I drove onto Bridge Street yesterday (10/18), we realized that it was New Cumberland’s Halloween parade night.  I know we avoided that date conflict in the past, but that fact got by me this year.

Some folks covertly slid out following our elections to attend the parade, so thanks to them for coming to vote and to help shape the future of your Harrisburg Senators Fan Club. We hope you got to truly enjoy your baseball/Halloween “doubleheader”.

I wish to personally thank the officers who officially stepped away from their positions last evening. Ruth Patrick and Jeanne Jacobs have been instrumental in the success of many Fan Club activities that we enjoy.

Thanks also to Britta Aller for accepting nominations to two positions. Although the votes went slightly against Britta last night, she has always been willing to step in when we need her. She has been most active in collecting advertisers for our Welcome Back program, including her own business venture. Thank you, Britta, for all you do for the Fan Club!

Thank you to the two newly elected board members. I can’t say “new” board members, because Barry Fealtman is Past-president, yet accepted a nomination for Membership Secretary and won that post. In contrast, Matt Haas is not only our newly elected Vice-President, but also a fresh voice as a fairly new Fan Club member. I look forward to working with both of these gentlemen, who are full of ideas to help our organization succeed at its core missions.

Thanks to Dave Prediger for hosting our election process; and, to Dolly Kmetz and Dave for counting votes. This was Dave’s first meeting in exactly one year, the last meeting he attended with his lovely wife, Joan. We miss Joan since her passing and we missed their active Fan Club membership.

Thank you to all who attended last night’s meeting to vote. I am honored to be re-elected to the Fan Club board. I’m sure the other officers would concur. I appreciate that you look to us to carry out the responsibilities of our organization.

Throwback Display

I also need to thank Fred Walker (NYY) and Ted Knorr (PIT) for replaying Game 7 of the 1960 World Series using APBA Baseball. Not only did we finally set the record straight for the Bronx last night, but we also had a replica of a baseball stadium, a 68-year-old dice cup, 1960 sports memorabilia, and even the soundtrack from “Damn Yankees” as ambient music before we brought the meeting to order.


I’m so proud to be involved with your Senators Fan Club. I’m truly excited about what more we can do to celebrate baseball in 2017. Let’s grab our gear and head for the ball field!