Before we get started, kudos to Josh Johnson for his blazing start and subsequent well-earned promotion to AAA. Continue to be the same player and teammate in Syracuse, JJ, and another promotion will be in your future. All the best from deep short!


Night games at Metro Bank Park in April can be pleasant, but it’d be tough to beat last night’s 80 degree, shorts-and-tee shirt weather. Very comfortable start to the Altoona series.

Speaking of comfort (or “discomfort” for opposing catchers): I bet word is already circulating the Eastern League regarding the Senators’ aggressive base running. No matter the score, the number of outs, or who may be at the plate, you can count on Matt’s boys taking off.

I especially love the jumps from 2nd. Doesn’t concern the skipper even if there’s a left handed hitter.

In my opinion, it sure beats station-to-station DH ball. And, with weather like we had last night [Monday, April 16, 2012], nobody should pull a hammy. Bring your track shoes!

From deep short,