Last night’s Harrisburg Senators Fan Club meeting offered three rings of fun. No death-defying or animal acts, but lots of dugout chatter, roster moves and show-and-tell with CBS21 Sports Director, Jason Bristol.

As your elected ringleader, I called our meeting to order at 6:30. Following our traditional recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence to honor those killed in recent violence around the US, we got down to baseball.

We discussed our planned bus trips through the end of the MLB regular season, recognized our recent Eastern League Pitchers of the Week (Lucas Giolito and Tyler Mapes), and recounted Neftali Soto’s huge accomplishments back in May. That’s when he was named EL Player of the Week for a pair of 6-RBI games. Larry Kmetz presented Neftali with a Fan Club plaque to remember his achievement.

Neftali Soto & Larry Kmetz

Tyler Mapes celebrated his 25th birthday earlier this week by twirling a CG 4-hitter, winning 5-1, and allowing just a solo homer in Erie. He could win another league-wide award as we present his plaque for June 13-19 before Thursday’s start to the homestand.

We connected the dots on a series of roster moves that ultimately got Reynaldo Lopez onto the Nats’ 40-man roster and the Nationals Park mound for his Major League debut last night. The organization also made Senators roster moves, unfortunately sending two pitchers (Greg Ross and Boone Whiting) to the DL.

More celebratory news: Fan Club member and baseball historian, Ted Knorr, received the Fay Vincent MVP Award. Since Ted could be with us last evening, we recognized his accomplishments and dedication to Negro Leagues research.

As our featured guest speaker, Jason Bristol talked about his rubbing elbows with former Expos players in Montreal this spring, minor league baseball salaries, and even his baseball bucket list. (He and I share wanting to attend the Midnight Sun Game during the summer solstice in Alaska!)

CBS21 Sports Director, Jason Bristol

Jason is a great advocate for the Fan Club. He and CBS21 tweeted about his appearance, his photographer joined us for a while, and Jason mentioned us on the air both Monday and Tuesday evenings. Thank you, Jason, for always presenting initiating interesting baseball conversation and for your friendship with the members of the Senators Fan Club!

Brian Williams, President