*** Introduction ***

First, a personal note: in memory of Mindy’s father, who joined us in Section 5 for many Senators games, our daughter Abby, her fiancé Matt, and Adam and Brittany (our nephew and his wife) planned a miniature golf marathon for yesterday. Ten of us (including Adam’s parents and two of Mindy’s other sisters) played three courses. Another niece and her boyfriend joined us for the first leg at Adventure Sports; Mindy’s younger sister and her husband met us for the last one at Water’s Edge in Bird in Hand.

In between, I won a free game at Boulders Miniature Golf in Mountville. However, Adam and his mother tied for best overall score during this first annual event. They will share the new traveling trophy until next year.

Beforehand, all of us were presented with tourney t-shirts, which garnered attention from others much like on my annual baseball trips. We completed our day with a late lunch at Bird in Hand Family Restaurant.

Happy Father’s Day, Pop! We think you may have had a hand in convincing the Creator to provide yesterday’s fantastic weather so your family could enjoy so much fun together.

*** Update #1 ***

Our June meeting will be held one week later than usual to accommodate this week’s Senators home game. The Senators have been on quite a roll, haven’t they? We want to be able to support them on their weeklong home stand.

Set your calendar for Tuesday, June 24th for that next meeting, when we can celebrate the Senators’ current win streak and hot June play. Our guest speaker will be Ray Klein, who will share “Tales of a Major League Vendor”.

Join us at the New Cumberland American Legion on Market Street. We come to order at 6:30 PM.

*** Update #2 ***

Vice-President Jeanne Jacobs has finalized details for a weekend bus trip to see the Senators play in New Britain, CT. We’ll leave from the Radisson Hotel parking lot on Saturday morning, August 16th, enjoy that evening’s game, stay at the Holiday Inn Express, take in Sunday afternoon’s game, and return home Sunday evening.

$175 per person includes your transportation, tickets to both games and your hotel stay. Please call Jeanne at 717-774-2730 if you have any questions.

*** Epilog ***

After church today, Abby and I plan to spend time together; and then, I plan to call my dad. All of us look forward to celebrating his 80th birthday early next month.

He’s taught me so much over the years. I’m thankful for his experience. I’m also grateful to have such a terrific role model. (Did you ever wonder where I get my sense of humor?)

Here’s hoping your Father’s Day will enrich you today, either by spending time with a special male in your life or by recalling special memories. As PA announcer Chris Andree states before every game, “Or both!”


Brian Williams