The Harrisburg Senators Fan Club Diamond Talk held Tuesday, September 19th, featured guest speaker Charles Kupfer. Charles teaches History at Penn State Harrisburg, but will soon release a book entitled “Something Magic” covering the Baltimore Orioles 1979-1983 pennant chase teams. Charles briefly discussed the “Oriole Way”, “Oriole Magic” and how each contributed to the success of those Orioles’ clubs.

After growing up far from Central Pennsylvania, Charles presented a unique perspective on moving to the West Shore in 2001 and discovering an affection for the Harrisburg Senators. He told a terrific story about front office staff welcoming him and his family to the area.

Best of all, Charles had been a Fan Club member at one time and renewed his membership during this meeting. We look forward to welcoming Charles to more Fan Club events and learning more about his love of baseball.

Also… we love the vintage Harrisburg Senators Fan Club cap Charles was wearing. Good stuff!!