A chance newspaper article grows into new friendships and a Senators Fan Club guest speaker “home run”. Just like that, generations of baseball history come alive!

Over the summer, I took a moment to glance at my parents’ Upper Dauphin Sentinel. I spotted an article about Jack Fisher, who offered a presentation about Christy Mathewson to a local historical society. Since my brain is hard-wired┬áto seek opportunities for the Fan Club, I immediately contacted the paper, who contacted the historical society, who contacted Jack.

I was thrilled when Jack called me. Not only was he interested in sharing his presentation at the Fan Club’s September meeting, but he also invited all baseball fans to a preview ten days earlier in Lewisburg.

Following that incredible day, I couldn’t wait for Jack to present to the Fan Club. He did not disappoint. We received many superlative comments such as “best guest speaker ever”.

On behalf of the Fan Club, I sent a “thank you” letter to Jack’s cousin, Betty Cook, who is the direct connection to Christy and his family. Betty represented the Mathewson family at the Hall of Fame for thirty years and shares wonderful anecdotes about baseball’s elite.

During MLB’s playoffs I heard from Jack again. Due to questions raised at our Fan Club meeting about Christy, Jr., the Mathewsons’ only child, Betty and Jack added more material to their presentation. The Union County Public Library would host Saturday, November 5th. “Oh, and by the way,” Jack states nonchalantly, “we’ll introduce some special guests.”

Terry Hartzell and I took another leisurely drive to Lewisburg on a sunlit fall Saturday. The presentation proved even better. The guests included Joanne and “Salty”, the girls’ professional baseball players we met in September. In addition, Steve Kline, former Giants and Cardinals reliever and current Richmond pitching coach, joined us. Oh, and Babe Ruth’s granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti and her husband drove down from Connecticut for the weekend.

Linda Ruth Tosetti-Brian Williams

Following the question-and-answer period, Terry and I enjoyed some personal time with the guests of honor before retiring to the Lewisburg Hotel for a wonderful dinner hosted by our new friends.

From original Hall of Famers Christy Mathewson and Babe Ruth, to “Salty” and Joanne, to Steve Kline … we covered quite a swath of baseball history that day. Yet another autumn day of special baseball memories. Just what we needed knowing that spring training is so far away.