Welcome Back Dinner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I pay for my admission ticket(s)?
A: Choose “adult” or “child”, pick your quantity, and press the “Add to Cart” button on the DINNER store page… or, use the postal mail method.

Q: Will I get an admission ticket in the mail?
A: If you paid online, No. To keep costs as low as possible, we will not be sending you admission tickets in the mail. We will have a record of your purchase. Just show up.
A: If you paid via postal mail, we will attempt to contact you via email if we have an email address for you. Questions? email: matt@SenatorsFanClub.com

Q: I mailed a check a while ago but it hasn’t cleared yet. What’s the deal?
A: Checks usually clear toward the end of the month. Checks are actually a huge hassle for us. It’s best to pay online.

Q: If I’m not getting an admission ticket in the mail, how will I know which table to sit at? The admission tickets we got in previous years had table numbers written on them.
A: We’ll have your table assignment available at the event… there will also be a big poster showing these details.

Q: If anyone can simply walk through the door without a ticket, what is stopping me from not paying and attending this event for free?
A: You won’t have a place to sit and it will be incredibly awkward and embarrassing for you. Don’t be a freeloader.

Q: What are the seating arrangements like at this event?
A: The banquet hall has 25 tables, each with 10 chairs. Every table will have at least one player or coach and up to 9 dinner guests. Pretty cool, huh?

Q: I would like to sit at a table with my friends. Can I do that?
A: Yes! Send an email to info@SenatorsFanClub.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Q: Can children attend?
A: Yes! This is a family-friendly event!

Q: Will every Senators player really be there?
A: Yes… every player will arrive around 6:00 and remain at the party the entire evening! Denny doesn’t fully understand this point.

Q: Can I get autographs from the entire team?
A: Yes… of course, you can! The program book you’ll receive at this event will have a place for autographs!

Q: Will there be a Senators player or coach at every table?
A: Yes!

Q: I want to place an ad in the program book. How do I do that?
A: Follow the instructions on this Ad Flyer PDF and contact: info@SenatorsFanClub.com

Q: Will this event really sell out?
A: It very likely will! Get your ticket(s) early!